6 Secrets Of Cellulite Reduction

woman unveiling good skinAlthough you may already be intimately familiar with the appearance of cellulite on your body, it’s possible you’re unaware of why these unsightly deposits are forming.

Having a greater understanding of the root causes of cellulite will give you a huge advantage when it comes to natural cellulite reduction.

So, before we get into how to reduce the problem, let’s delve into what exactly you’re dealing with.

Cellulite is the accumulation of toxins, proteins, and fats in the lower limbs and pelvic region of the body. And, although both sexes can develop cellulite, it is far more prevalent in women.

In fact, according to figures published in Scientific American, this condition affects 90 percent of women and conversely, only 10 percent of men!

Kind of unfair, huh?

Women tend to develop cellulite around the buttocks, upper thighs, and saddlebags because their bodies have three layers of fat in these areas.

However, it is not all doom and gloom if you already have accumulated these fat stores.

Through the strategies on this site and bit of hard work on your end, you really CAN smooth out these unsightly trouble spots.

Here are six secrets of cellulite reduction to get your started:

Coffee Scrubs

cup of coffeeMost people take coffee soon after waking up in the morning. Coffee is also widely used in the workplace by employees who want to stay alert. Better yet, you can actually use coffee to get rid of cellulite.

All you need to do is mix coffee grinds with hot water and apply it on body parts with cellulite for about 10 minutes at least twice every week. Gently massage the solution into the skin affected.

According to a report published in the Huffington Post, this mixture works by increasing blood circulation in the affected body part.

A study published in Scientific American found that women’s estrogen levels tend to fall as they age. As a result, they lose receptors in blood vessels and thighs leading to decreased circulation. Expect noticeable results within four weeks.

Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper

lemon and pepperThe same report in Huffington Post also includes another trial where a participant took a mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper three times a day for 30 days.

After this period, the participant reported significant changes in cellulite appearance.

To make this concoction, add two tablespoons of lemon juice to an 8 oz glass of water and mix in a 1/10th or more teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

The drink will act like a gentle laxative so don’t make any big plans outside the house if you’re trying this for the first time.

This solution is based on the cayenne pepper diet which is actually a popular detox trend (used at one time by Beyonce Knowles for an upcoming movie part in which she needed to lose weight quickly).

Diet Changes

bag of healthy groceriesOsteopathic physician Lionel Bissoon, the author of “Cellulite Cure”, believes that diet plays an important role in the development of fat deposits in the lower body. This is because most people tend to eat high calorie meals but do not make any effort to work out or engage in physical activities.

To reduce cellulite, Bissoon recommends adopting a healthy diet. For example, cut down sugar and fat. If you can, go for organic foods.

The author of “The Real Food Diet Cookbook”, Dr. Josh Axe says adding anti cellulite nutrients such as green coffee and African mango to one’s diet can also help. That said, never start any dieting program without consulting with your doctor first.

Wearing the Right Undergarments

woman stretching underwear downwardThe clothes you wear could be increasing body fat stores in your lower body. A study carried out by Bissoon found that many women wear underwear with elastic bands.

The problem with such underwear is they tend to cut off circulation especially around the waist and buttock area.

Moreover, Bissoon found that many of the women in the study regularly wore panty hose, which force the lymphatic system to send its contents back into the upper body.

To avoid this situation, Bissoon recommends avoiding tight underwear with elastic bands and panty hoses.

Instead, women should wear thongs or any other type of loose underwear.

Exercising On A Regular Basis

woman drinking water after exercisingLeading a sedentary lifestyle is likely to increase your chances of developing cellulite because the body is likely to store more fat than it loses. Dr. Josh Axe, a physician to professional athletes, reckons that exercises such as interval or burst training can help in cellulite reduction.

The aim is to increase the body’s metabolism and burn calories. Other exercises that you can include in your daily or weekly routine include Pilates, isometric training, cardio, dancing, jogging, walking, and swimming.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated when exercising. Water will make you feel full, which means you are unlikely to eat large amounts of food.

Water will also flush out toxins which can contribute to cellulite deposits.

Surgical Alternatives

surgery being performedIf you have tried all other cellulite removal methods and failed (there are many more outside of this list), you could try surgery.

However, you should only go for a surgical procedure that has received FDA approval. You do not want to end up with unsightly scars instead of smooth skin.

For example, Cellulaze is a surgical treatment that has received FDA approval.

A WebMD report says that this procedure involves using a laser to melt pockets of fat as well as septae bands that make one’s skin sag.

If you are looking for a quick fix, this procedure may not be an ideal choice because it takes six months for noticeable results to appear. The good news is cellulite can disappear for up to two years.

Moreover, Dr. Barry DiBernardo, A board certified plastic surgeon in N.J., says that the satisfaction rate is more than 90 percent. The bad news is the surgery is a bit pricey and costs about $7,500.

If anxiety is building at the thought of exposing cellulite at the beach, be sure to give these tips a go and really spend some time seeing them through.

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